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Pink Dots Eye Illusion!

Check out this freaky illusion!

If your eyes follow the movement of the rotating pink dot, the dots will remain only one color, pink.

Pink Dots

However if you stare at the black ‘+’ in the centre, the moving dot turns to green.

Now, concentrate on the black ’ + ’ in the centre of the picture. After a short period, all the pink dots will slowly disappear, and you will only see only a single green dot rotating.

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YankeeDoodleBrit has MOVED

Hey all…

This blog has been re-located to

I am in the process of getting together some new content and working out how the platform works.

I look forward to seeing you guys over there!


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News Update

Here’s a quick link-happy guide to Rams News from around the interweb…

The Rams have added wideout Laurent Robinson to the roster in a trade with the Falcons. The Rams get Atlanta’s fifth-round (160) and sixth-round (196) picks; Atlanta gets the Rams’ fifth-round (138) and sixth-round 176) picks. Jeff Roman of RamsGab discusses the trade here and Yahoo Sports throw in a few more stats here.

QB Kyle Boller has been signed to back-up Marc Bulger over the weekend in preference to the much touted former Ram, Gus Frerotte. The Baltimore Sun ran this piece entitled Kyle Boller - The Lost Years following the trade.

Rams Mini-Camp has started and positive words are coming out of Rams Park. Spagnuolo told the press he’s settling in nicely and enjoying the challenges of being a Head Coach, while Offensive Coordinator Pat Shurmur was quoted as saying, "Their [the players] effort and their enthusiasm and their competitive spirit was great this camp"

Alex Barron has been installed as the starting Left Tackle, the position he played in college, but not for the Rams, "I haven’t been over there in a while, and I’m a little rusty".

The Rams have fixed together a list of those players they are expecting for a visit pre-Draft.The list includes USC QB Mark Sanchez who received high praise for his footwork and abilities following his Pro Day. Around the Horns reports separately about the Rams meeting with Sanchez as it seems an unlikely pick with the #2 overall selection.

Steven Jackson is back with the team following the birth of his son and was quick to discuss the impact Steve Spagnuolo and the new coaching staff are having on the Rams.

Marc Bulger is also enjoying a ‘fresh start’ under Steve Spagnuolo. Jump for a video interview too.

While one former Rams, Orlando Pace, has signed with the Chicago Bears, Tory Holt has still not found a new home…yet. One report says he is 'very interested' in playing for the Titans, while Chicago’s human-highlight reel, Devin Hester, is actively courting Holt to sign with the Bears.

Comments (View) Draft Prospect Videos has been doing a few short video interviews with the top prospects in the 2009 NFL Draft. Check them out:

Jason Smith - OT - Baylor
James Laurinaitis - MLB - Ohio State
Paul Kruger - DE - Utah
Alphonso Smith - CB - Wake Forest
D.J. Moore - CB - Vanderbilt
Aaron Curry - OLB - Wake Forest
Mark Sanchez - QB - USC
Brandon Pettigrew - TE - Oklahoma State
Herman Johnson - OG - LSU
Evander ‘Ziggy’ Hood - DT - Missouri
Darrius Butler - CB - Connecticut
Michael Oher - OT - Mississippi
Tyron Jackson - DE - LSU
Andre Smith - OT - Alabama
Brian Orakpo - OLB/DE - Texas
Percy Harvin - WR - Florida
Darrius Heyward-Bey - WR - Maryland
Aaron Maybin - OLB/DE - Penn St.
Knowshon Moreno - RB - Georgia
Rhett Bomar - QB - Sam Houston St.
Derrick Williams - WR - Penn St

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FootballOutsiders take on the Rams

Ben Riley from the FootballOutsiders has re-analysed the NFC West post Free Agency and had the following to say about the Rams:

St. Louis Rams

Biggest hole: Wide receiver

Quick quiz: Can you identify a single Rams wideout not named Donnie Avery? After the release of Torry Holt and Drew Bennett, the current roster consists of the following receivers under contract: Keenan Burton, Derek Stanley, Joel Filani, Travis Brown, Nate Jones, and Chad Lucas. These six players have 24 career catches combined. No wonder Rams general manager Bill Devaney has joked about bringing back the wishbone offense. (At least, we think it’s a joke.)

Given this desperate shortage of receiving talent, the Rams were rumored to be pursuing Nate Washington and Brandon Jones in free agency, but these players signed with the Titans and 49ers instead. The remaining big name free-agency options are geriatric — the Rams really don’t want Marvin Harrison, Amani Toomer, or Marty Booker — but St. Louis could consider Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, a restricted free agent. This will come as a shock, but Baskett managed to post 89 DYAR and 8.6% DVOA last year, good for 23rd in the league and ahead of guys like Brandon Marshall, Terrell Owens, and Santana Moss. Even more shocking, Baskett is married to Kendra Wilkinson, one of Hugh Hefner’s former concubines on “The Girls Next Door.” Yes, really.

As for the draft, virtually everyone agrees that Devaney will use the second overall pick on a left tackle to replace Orlando Pace (filling one of the many other holes on this roster). Thus, although Michael Crabtree is a tempting possibility, the Rams will wait until the later rounds to find someone to pair with Avery. Maryland’s Darrius Hayward-Bey has the size and the speed to create all sorts of matchup problems at the next level, but the Rams will have to trade up if they want to grab him. Another possibility is Brian Robiskie of Ohio State, who is also big (6-foot-3), but the Buckeyes haven’t exactly produced a lot of offensive stars in the NFL lately, have they? A better option is Oklahoma’s Juaquin Iglesias, a strong possession receiver who won’t be afraid to go over the middle when Avery goes deep.

Free Agency Recap

We might have to stop making fun of the Rams’ offensive line soon. By signing center Jason Brown, formerly of the Ravens, the Rams acquired the best lineman available in free agency this year — and who cares if they had to make him the league’s highest paid center to woo him to St. Louis, or that the NFL invalidated the initial contract he signed? With Brown anchoring the middle and someone like Virginia’s Eugene Monroe at left tackle, Steven Jackson and Marc Bulger could be poised for breakout fantasy seasons, to say nothing of the real Rams team. Brown’s signing also made centers Nick Leckey and Brett Romberg expendable (they signed with the Saints and Falcons, respectively).

By the way, the Rams still have an additional 13 unrestricted free agents on the roster, and most of them will not return. Devaney is clearly pursuing the “blow it up and start over” method of franchise building. It’s somewhat refreshing, if long overdue.

If you want to read the whole article and the always insightful comments, please go here

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ReCapping Rams News

The Rams have finally inked a long-awaited deal with blocking Tight-End Billy Bajema who had played for the Whiners for the past 4 seasons. ESPN talks about Bajema here.

Recently released former-Ram Orlando Pace will visit the Bears. Pace has also previously visited Baltimore.

It looks like it will be the Titans and Jaguars who battle it out for ex-Ram Tory Holt’s signature.

Check out the NFC West’s pre-season schedule here. The Rams will play W1 @ Jets, W2 vs Falcons, W3 @ Bengals and W4 vs Chiefs.

Michael Oher has had a private workout with the Rams. As has USC Quarterback Mark Sanchez. Oklahoma safety and projected linebacker Nic Harris is another player to visit Rams Park. Turf Show Times also points out a favourite of mine, Utah CB Sean Smith, has also had a private workout in St Louis.

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Steeler Brand Condoms!

New Steeler Brand Condoms are THE way to do it if you want to “penetrate the O-Line with confidence” Sixburgh Sexburgh knows that you’ll reach for a ‘Fast Willie Parker’ when the 2-minute warning sounds!

(via Kissing Suzy Kolber)
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Full Round One (and a bit) Mock Draft

No need for jibber jabber, lets GO!

1.1 – Detroit Lions
Pick – Matthew Stafford (QB) –The franchise needs to be built around a QB. Stafford is the top rated signal-caller in 2009 and the Lions are stupid enough to pick him despite the fact he’s a junior with poor accuracy (57.1%) and low yards per attempt (7.83). Ever heard of David Greene??? No?? He was the guy before Stafford in Georgia who played in basically the same system, with the same HC (Mark Richt) and posted better numbers (59% & 8.01). Greene has now retired, having never taken a NFL snap. Even Matt Millen would turn in his grave.

1.2 – St Louis Rams
Pick – Jason Smith (OT) – After releasing Orlando Pace the Rams have big O-Line needs. Yes they need a wideout badly too, but elite Offensive Tackles are a rare breed that must be taken when they can. The former Tight-End Jason Smith edges out the more polished Eugene Monroe with his intangibles, agility and potential.

1.3 – Kansas City Chiefs
Pick – Eugene Monroe (OT) – Many people see them taking Aaron Curry, but Pioli will want to take Monroe to protect Cassell. Monroe and Brandon Albert will provide a great pair of tackles to keep the anti-Cutler upright. They might even get a semblance of a running game going too.

1.4 – Seattle Seahawks
Pick – Aaron Curry (OLB) – Trading away a multi-threat OLB like Julian Peterson can leave you with a hole, even if you get Cory Redding in exchange. Curry = safe and a position of need.

1.5 – Cleveland Browns
Pick – Brian Orakpo (OLB) – The Browns have several needs but DE/OLB hybrid Orakpo looks like he might tempt them. If he can generate some pass-rush the much maligned Cleveland corners will have an easier job too.

1.6 – Cincinnati Bengals
Pick – Andre Smith (OT) – OT is a GAPING need for the Bengals. The Bengals also like drafting ASSHOLES. Andre Smith is a GAPING ASSHOLE….winner!

1.7 – Oakland Raiders
Pick – Michael Crabtee (WR) – Al Davies loves the hype. The only danger is that Davis has worked himself into a bloodlust over Maclin’s speed and return abilities, but it’s likely Crabtree’s college production should be enough to counter.

1.8 – Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick – Jeremy Maclin (WR) – They need wideouts badly following the last years Free Agent flops (Porter & Williamson) and the release of a coked-up Matt Jones. Maclin is the clear #2 receiver in the draft class.

1.9 – Green Bay Packers
Pick – Everette Brown (DE/OLB) – The transition to a 3-4 means that although B.J. Raji is a safer pick, the Packers will want Brown to play opposite Kampmann. A decent enough pass-rush might prolong the usefulness of ageing defensive backs Al Wilson and Charles Woodson.

1.10 – San Francisco 49ers
Pick – Michael Oher (OT) – The Whiners need to give whichever replacement–level QB that starts for them time to look downfield, so Oher can slot in at RT while Staley plays LT. They might take Sanchez. I hope they do. 16 starts = learning curve!

1.11 – Buffalo Bills
Pick – Brandon Pettigrew (TE) – The best dual-purpose TE by a mile. Will be a nice checkdown alternative to T.O and Lee Evans, while also a competent blocker. It’s as much of a last option as the clear top DEs and OTs are gone.

1.12 – Denver Broncos
Pick – B.J.Raji (DT) – A dream come true for the Broncos to get their ideal player here. Shame McDaniels has totally messed things up with his dealings surrounding Jay Cutler. This should be a ‘win’ though to offset the ‘loss’ with Cutler.

1.13 – Washington Redskins
Pick - Aaron Maybin (DE/OLB) – The loss of Taylor and OLB Marcus Washington has exposed serious depth issues. Maybin is a tweener with massive bust potential. They might prefer Tyson Jackson’s size.

1.14 – New Orleans Saints
Pick – Malcolm Jenkins (CB) – Due to a slower than expected 40 time Jenkins slips to the team that needs him most. Lucky S.O.Bs.

1.15 – Houston Texans
Pick – Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells (RB) – As much of a value pick as anything else as Wells is the classes top RB talent. His bruising running style will compliment Slaton and give Schaub more exploitable coverage, not that Andre Johnson has ever needed it.

1.16 – San Diego Chargers
Pick – Ray Maualuga (ILB) – The elite OTs are gone and Tyron Jackson is a riskier bet at DE than Maualuga to play with Merriman and Phillips. A good value pick as much as anything.

1.17 – New York Jets
Pick – Marck Sanchez (QB) – Favre is gone – hallelujah! Clemens isn’t their man. Same with the Detroit strategy, if you see a “franchise QB” available and you don’t have one, you take them. Ryan will also want to mould his ‘own guy’.

1.18 – Chicago Bears
Pick – Darrius Heyward-Bey (WR) – The Bears have nothing that resembles a passing offense outside of a gimmick-player who no longer has a gimmick at WR and a drunk at QB. They might like Harvin, but a Harvin and Hester would just be flat out end-around madness!

1.19 – Tampa Bay Buccaners
Pick - Peria Jerry (DT) – A great showing at the Senior Bowl made sure of Jerry’s round 1 status and the Buccs need a player with his skillset.

1.20 – Detroit Lions (from Dallas Cowboys)
Pick – Vontae Davis (CB) – You can argue they don’t have a single starter-level corner on the roster…

1.21 – Philadelphia Eagles
Pick – Knowshawn Moreno (RB) – After losing Buckhalter to the Broncos they lack depth in the backfield, especially when you consider how Westbrook likes to spend most the season on the Injury Report.

1.22 – Minnesota Vikings
Pick - Tyson Jackson (DT/DE) – The Williams Wall faces suspension. Jared Allen could be arrest for DUI at any moment.

1.23 – New England Patriots
Pick – James Laurinaitis (ILB) – A multi-year starter with over career 350 tackles. From Linebacker U too. He’d also look great alongside Tom Brady and Wes Welkahhh flying the flag of white boys in the NFL.

1.24 – Atlanta Falcons
Pick – Clint Sintim (OLB) – With Keith Brooking and Michael Boley out they’ll look to draft someone to replace them.

1.25 – Miami Dolphins
Pick – Alphonso Smith (CB) – Outside of Will Allen, who the hell are these guys that play corner for the Dolphins. They are Detroit standard CBs! A serious position of need for the Tuna.

1.26 – Baltimore Ravens
Pick – Percy Harvin (WR) – The Ravens showed a propensity for trick plays and wildcat-esque highjinks at times in 2008, so why not add a player with no defined position? Harvin has top-end speed and would provide so play-making ability opposite Mason and the RBBC that is the Baltimore backfield could do with another confusing element.

1.27 – Indianapolis Colts
Pick - Evander ‘Ziggy’ Hood (DT) – Their current starters are nobodies and he looks to be a solid and somewhat safe pick. A little boring, very Polian…

1.28 – Philadelphia Eagles
Pick - Louis Delmas (S) - Knowing Andy Reid he’ll probably trade this pick away. If not, Delmas is an on-field leader to replace a Brian Dawkins sized hole. The loss of Sean Considine also makes this a probable.

1.29 – New York Giants
Pick – Kenny Britt (WR) – When you lose you #1 wideout because he shot himself in the leg, then bomb out of the playoffs despite being a dominant force all year, you need to take action to prevent it happening again. I’m not sure Hixon is the answer, although Steve Smith Mk.II is a handy player. The new look G-Men will be Britt instead of Burress, Smith instead of Toomer and Boss instead of Shockey.

1.30 – Tennessee Titans
Pick – Hakeen Nicks (WR) – They have needed a receiver for at least 3 years. It might have cost them a SuperBowl last year, depending on who you listen to. They don’t want Holt it seems, so mebeb they will finally draft someone for Collins (or Young!?) to through to other than Justin Gage!

1.31 – Arizona Cardinals
Pick – Larry English (DE) – They’d like a runningback to replace Edge, but chances are Wells and Moreno will be long gone by this late in the first. English screams value here has he is first round talent and will help give bigger teeth to a pass-rush that already contains Darnell Dockett but flatters to deceive at the End position via Bertrand Berry and Antonio Smith.

1.32 – Pittsburgh Steelers
Pick – Eben Britton (OT) – Despite the Bowl win we all saw Big Ben spend most of 2008 scrambling away from pass rushers so the O-Line is clearly an issue. Britton would be a great pick-up if he was still on the board.

2.1(33) – Detroit Lions
Pick – William Beatty (OT) – It’s an “ideal” draft for the Lions as they got their ‘franchise play-caller’ at 1.1 (although he will crash and burn!) and then brought in a actual NFL calibre defensive back with 1.20 and now they get the O-Lineman they’d have been better served taking first. Oh well, all is well that end well, right?

2.2 (34) – New England Patriots (from Kansas)
Pick – Darrius Butler (CB) – Belichick’s mastery of defensive scheming didn’t manage to hide the fact that they Patriot’s secondary sucked in ’08. They might opt for Brian Cushing, but after taking Mayo last year and Laurinaitis at 1.23 I think it’s overkill…

2.3 (35) – St Louis Rams
Pick – Sean Smith (CB) – A slightly biased pick from a Utes fan, but Smith has size and speed which he’ll need in the NFC West against Fitzgerald and Houshmanzadeh. Also there is no legit starter opposite Bartell and would help complete the unit nicely (Bartell, Smith, Atogwe, Butler with Hill/King as the nickel). Other popular picks might be Robiskie (WR) or Brace (DT). Personally I think we can still grab Barsden or Iglesias (WR) in the 3rd while Brace benefitted from playing alongside Raji so might have been over-valued. Robert Ayers would be major value picks here as a long term prospect opposite Chris Long, but I feel Little can still do a starters job, whereas Hill/Wade/King can’t.

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Rams Moving On

Over at they have posted an article about how we’re building a new offense and a new system with Holt and Pace.

Bulger is quoted in the article as saying, "This is definitely going to be the most trying, different scheme that I’ve had," and, "But I think it’s a good thing that it’s a whole fresh start and we all have to start from scratch."

When asked about the release of the two 7-time pro Bowlers Bulger said, "I’m so used to having Torry and Orlando in the huddle, but with salary-cap issues and a coaching change, you know those things are going to happen," and, "The team’s turned over completely in the last eight or nine years, so it’s one of the parts of the business that you don’t like."

There article also links a video interview (4:20) with GM Billy Devaney

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Football Outsiders Mock Draft

One of my favourite sites - FootballOutsiders has recently posted their own mock draft and as it’s a damn fine read as usual. Check it out in it’s entirety here. It includes detailed analysis (5,000 words+) of why certain franchises will lean towards particular players, as well as a few trades!

As regards to the Rams pick they said:

#2 - St. Louis Rams: Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest. Let’s be honest: The Rams are riddled with holes. After cutting Orlando Pace and Torry Holt, mock drafts have made a case for either (Jason) Smith, Monroe, or Curry.

But their head coach is Steve Spagnuolo. And while Spagnuolo doesn’t have the final say on player personnel, he certainly has a lot of say in that room. And we suspect that Spagnuolo will want to take the best pass rusher he can find for his defense and move Alex Barron over to left tackle. Curry is an excellent nine-technique player and is superb enough in coverage that Spagnuolo can build his blitz packages around disguising what Curry is going to do on every play, just like he did with Justin Tuck in New York last year.

In regards to Detroit’s pick at #1 they said:

#1 Detroit Lions: Jason Smith, T, Baylor. This will be a very interesting sign of how much power Jim Schwartz has in Detroit as opposed to general manager Martin Mayhew. You might suspect that we’re not proffering support for Matthew Stafford as the first overall pick, thanks to the Lewin Career Forecast. We suspect that the analytics-appreciating Schwartz is well aware of Stafford’s comparable quarterbacks, and would much prefer taking one of the draft’s tackles.

We figure Smith over Eugene Monroe because of their nature; Monroe’s more of a finished product, but he’s a pass blocker first. The Lions are going to be building around an ability to run the football, for better or worse, and Smith’s the better run blocker. Worth noting is that Detroit hasn’t even brought Monroe in for a one-on-one interview yet. The Lions could choose to take Aaron Curry and just focus all their resources on building a Tennessee-esque set of linebackers, but with Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson already in place, Smith makes the most sense.

As for the other NFC West teams they had them doing the following -

Seahags - Pick Eugene Monroe at #4
Whiners - Everette Brown at #10
Dirty Birdz - trading up to #16 (Chargers) and selecting Michael Johnson

Go check out the full article here

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